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Big Idea Competition 2019: Recap

Big Idea Competition

© 2019 by Fatima Izzat

The Western Marketing Association hosted its annual Big Idea Competition on Wednesday, October 30 in the President's Suite on the Westside Campus. Five WCSU seniors, Jennette Brown, Parker Tregoning (winner), Albert Oliveira, Alejandro Calderon, and Natalie Carnazza (runner-up) (left to right), competed for the grand prize of $500.

© 2019 by Fatima Izzat

Bill Imada started off the evening with an insightful presentation on Moonlight Forest, a client of the IW Group. The team is led by former Western Marketing Association alum, Eljay Feuerman. Imada illustrates the eam's process, trials, methods, and strategies in order to meet their primary objectives to raise awareness and increase ticket sales for the festival.

© 2019 by Fatima Izzat

Our contestants each had eight minutes to present, followed by two minutes to answer questions from judges and the audience. Each idea needed to be described clearly. The feasibility of the business model substantiated and the target market must be identified as well.

Parker S. Tregoning, WCSU Management Senior, pitched his campus dining delivery idea which the judges found to be exceptionally well-thought out and appreciated Tregoning's dedication as he has already begun to generate revenue from current operations on WCSU's Westside campus.

© 2019 by Fatima Izzat

© 2019 by Fatima Izzat

Interested in learning more about the Big Idea Competition? Contact the WMA Executive Board at


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