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What We Do

Take a look some of the different things we are doing within WMA


WMA's fundraising committee seeks to engage with the campus and local communities. On-campus, we are trying to unite on-campus organizations with their marketing, including collaborating with other clubs for fundraising around campus. Off-campus, we are connecting with local businesses.
-Fatima Izzat

During the first weeks of the fall semester, students are getting ready to transition into the new semester while our case team hits the ground running. From secondary research to conducting one-on-one interviews, our Case team meets weekly, focused on piecing together their case study to submit to AMA for review. All students are welcome to join the case team all throughout the fall semester - there is also opportunity to earn elective credit.



Social Media

The Social Media Committee's scope revolves around WMA's social media presence. Their strategy employs Hootsuite, our social media management dashboard, and performance metrics to improve current social media tactics. Find us on Instagram @western_marketing_association and message our very responsive team.

Our chapter competes in the Best Recruitment and Social Impact Video competition hosted by the AMA. This committee is dedicated to inspire peers to join in building their professional skills through participation. Our recruitment video will give prospective members and incoming marketing students a glimpse into our chapter operations, events, and activities.

Recruitment & Social Impact

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