Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What does WMA stand for? 
           WMA stands for the Western Marketing Association.

2.  Does it cost any money to join? 
           No, there is no cost to join the WMA! However, as we are an affiliated collegiate chapter of the American Marketing Association, we highly recommend that all of our members become an AMA member.  The benefits are endless and the cost for students is only $50.00! Sign up using the link below: 

              Become a Member - American Marketing Association​

3.  Is this the marketing club on Western’s Campus? 
           Yes, we are the marketing club for Western Connecticut State University, however our official name is the Western Marketing Association. 


4.  Western has two campuses, which one does the WMA meet on? 

           At the moment, WMA has been meeting online to meet COVID-19 guidelines.

5.  When and where are the meetings? 
           Due to COVID-19, our meetings are currently held online. Stay tuned on our Social Media to get the latest meeting info and how to join!

6.  What kind of events do you do? 
           We host many events at our meetings such as conducting “Think Tanks” with local businesses that need our marketing assistance.  We also host event during Marketing Week, such as alumni panels, the Big Idea Competition, career building workshops, and this year we hosted our 2nd Annual Regional Conference. 

7.  How can I get involved? Can I join mid-semester?
          Yes and yes, you can become an involved member by signing up for the AMA, attending our weekly meetings, attending our events, and attending the Agency@Ancell meetings. 

8.  If I cannot make it to the weekly meeting, can I still be involved? 
          Even if you cannot attend the weekly WMA meetings, you CAN still be involved! You can also get in touch with our Executive Board members for more information on how you can put your skills to use outside of our weekly meetings!

9.  Can I join even if I am not a Marketing Major? 
          Yes! The Western Marketing Association is proud to represent members across many different majors and minors such as Digital & Interactive Marketing, Business Management, Musical Theater, Professional Writing, Communications, and many others.

10.  I heard you do a yearly trip to New Orleans, does everyone in the club attend? 
          The yearly trip to New Orleans is for the American Marketing Association’s National Conference, usually in the first week of April.  Unfortunately, not all students in the WMA get to attend, due to limited funding.  The selection of attendees is made early in November, based on past club involvement. Make sure to get involved early! 

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The Western Marketing Association is an award winning chapter of the American Marketing Association. We hold weekly events and also operate our own student run ad agency!

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