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Marketing is in Everything

To me, marketing is so much more than just a course of study. Marketing is the perspective in which you can choose to view any aspect of life. Marketing isn’t just about selling goods and services, but the exchange of anything and everything. Intangible ideas, beliefs, lifestyles, and perspectives can be marketed from one individual to another. 

Peoples’ perception is one of the most crucial building blocks, not only in marketing, but in anything we do. We study a lot about consumer perceptions of brands in marketing, and to me, that is the most important principle. People must believe your product, service or idea is good enough for them before they adopt it as their own. People form their beliefs and arguments on how they perceive the world around them. Therefore, when you are trying to convince someone to sway their opinion, it all depends on how you market your idea to them to change their current perception. 

This is why I love marketing so much, and decided to make it my course of study at the end of my Freshman year at WCSU. Marketing has offered to me a new perception of the world I live in. I used to get annoyed when commercials would come on TV, or when an advertisement would pop up before a YouTube video. But now through my course of study, I have learned many different techniques marketers use, and I am able to learn from and analyze the message within those commercials. 

Marketing’s broad scope of applications is what makes it so unique to any other subject. Auto makers can market saleable features on their 2020 models, while politicians can market spoken ideas to the people they serve. If there’s ever two or more choices to anything, it can be marketed one way or the other. I see Marketing wherever I go, and In whatever I do...and that’s how I know Marketing isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. 

Brandon Peet, ‘21

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