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Why Snapchat Is The Next Big Trend In Advertising

The popular photo capturing and messaging app "Snapchat" may just seem like the new teenage trend, but for marketers advertisers, the communication forum really has monumental potential. With companies like Adidas using Snapchat ads to increase their store visits by 18%, businesses cannot afford to overlook this trend.

With an active daily count of over 178,000,000 global users, and these users opening Snapchat more than 25 times per day, Snapchat is how most Millennials and Gen Z's communicate. So what can this mean for advertisers?

Advertisers see these statistics as one big profitable word.... REACH!

With millions of young eyes using Snapchat every day, businesses have the ability to interact with huge audiences of young people who are hard to reach by use of traditional advertising methods like television and radio. Every time a user opens the app is another chance for an advertiser to reach a millennial with growing consumer buying power. Snapchat allows businesses to advertise products or services in three ways.

1. Full Screen Photo and Video Ads

2. Location Filters

3. Live Facial Lenses

Snapchat allows advertisers to focus their campaigns on a targeted audience, and with over 300 categories, demographic profiles, and audience matching, Snapchat has made this process incredibly easy.

Snapchat also hosts a beautiful website that makes the process of advertising through the photo app simple and easy. This ease of access encourages even local small businesses to buy location filters, and larger businesses to purchase full screen video ad space.

Thinking about advertising? Need to reach younger audiences but don't know how? Snapchat may be your solution! With real time ad performance reporting, you can even track your live results!

So whether businesses need to "raise awareness, increase consideration, or drive action," Snapchat may just be the next big tool for reaching advertising objectives.

Check out the link below for more information regarding advertising on Snapchat.

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