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Why being indecisive was the best decision I’ve ever made

Let’s just say, if someone were to ask me five years ago where I would be my senior year of college, it would be completely different from my current reality. Let me explain... June 2016: Freshman Orientation

Here I am, next to two other nursing students in the auditorium listening to the Dean give his welcome speech. “College is the time to explore yourself”, he said, “take those classes you usually wouldn’t. Try new things. Step out of your comfort zone.” Feeling inspired and excited, I take a look at my first college schedule, and stare blankly at it. I get a pit in the bottom of my stomach. I come to the realization that with the requirements of my major, this isn’t something I have a lot of opportunity to do. I had an epiphany, I knew right then and there: This isn’t for me. I’m terrified. November 2016: My first semester

My classes were ultimately chosen by a random person in admissions the day I dropped out of the nursing program back in the summer. I have no idea what I want to do with my career anymore. The only leg I have to stand on is my interest in psychology as a result of a class I took in high school. So, I’m in a social psychology class. Let me tell you - I love it. April 2017: Decision #1

I’m a psychology major. Four out of my five classes are psych classes, and I enjoy all of them. I’m ecstatic. There’s one girl in my class that I became good friends with, and she begins talking about her post college plans. She’s going to grad school, because “there’s not too much you can do with just a bachelor’s in psychology.” Well, I didn’t think this one through. Don’t get me wrong, I love psychology, but enough to go to grad school? What do I even want to do with my degree? Again, I’m scared and confused. August 2017: Decision #2 New semester, new major. I am now a marketing student. How did I get here you ask? Well I remember from my social psychology class that one of the last chapters of the textbook was about persuasion, and a brief sub-section talked about advertising and marketing. I really enjoyed it, and actually wrote a report on it. I did more research, and realized that psychology and marketing actually go hand in hand. However, in order to take a marketing class, I needed to be in the major. Third times the charm, right? January 2019: Decision #3

Good news, I’m still in the marketing program. I’m happy with the decision I made a year and a half ago, but I still don’t know what I want to do with my degree. I’m thinking of joining a club on campus called the Western Marketing Association. I have no idea what it is really, but I have Tuesday afternoons free and some girl in my class was raving about it. I’m a bit iffy on whether or not I should go because I won’t know anyone there. Also, I commute, do I want to commit myself to an on campus responsibility?

March 2020: Finally

I turned all of my psychology credits into a minor, and my bachelors in Digital & Interactive Marketing is almost complete. Looking back on the past few years, I can honestly say that I do not regret catering to my indecisiveness, because it led me to where I am now: the Vice President of the Western Marketing Association, who just landed their dream job at NBC Sports.

Joining the club has given me so much; my best friends, internships, marketing experience, and endless opportunities to grow and develop my professional career. In fact, I landed my first full time job because of my WMA experience. I often think back to what the Dean said at freshmen orientation about trying new things and exploring yourself, and can truthfully say that this club has helped me do nothing but that. I continue to learn more and more every meeting, not only about marketing, but about myself too.

It’s okay to be indecisive. I was, and it ended up being the best decision I’ve ever made.

Jennette Brown, '20

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