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Collin's Blog Post

Before WMA, I had very little interest in school. I was going from class to class, just trying to earn my degree not utilizing all the resource available to me. During one of my classes, a member of WMA named Natalie Carnazza approached me and asked me if I was interested in joining a proper team. Since my Tuesday nights were free, I decided to attend a meeting. I showed up at Agency@Ancell, curious as to what the club had to offer. When I walked in the doors, the club was so welcoming and happy to see a potential club member enter the room- having a place for anyone wanting to join.

Right off the bat, former Agency Director Jake Nimmo placed me into a group that was learning how SEO is an essential for websites and businesses. Just seeing how people my age can become active in with their future career was so motivating, that I had decided to become an active member. Throughout that year, I was bouncing around between projects, trying to absorb as much knowledge I could. Whether it was a new topic or something that was introduced in a class, I just couldn’t get enough.

Fast forward to the present day, I have been an account executive for a couple of clients. These roles have helped me to solidify my knowledge in marketing, and has even landed me an internship. It has prepared me for the real world, and I can fully say I’m prepared. If I were to go back and change something about the experience, I would’ve joined the club a lot sooner. WMA and Agency have been an amazing experience and one that I will forever be grateful for and hope everyone gets to have such an experience.

Collin Blewitt, '20

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