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  • Hannah Lafontaine

The Marketing Hurricane

This week at Agency, we really kicked off the action! We dove deeper into marketing projects that we are working on for some local businesses, and took a closer look at social media and how we aim to expand the WMA’s reach and influence on our students!

Speaking of expanding our influence, during the WMA meeting on Tuesday evening we met with Kimberly Reddington , the Marketing director of an “American Made” jewelry company known as Anne Koplik. These handcrafted designs are the perfect heirloom, and are popular among all age groups, even being recently featured on Dancing with the Stars.

As we learned about the company’s current goals and successes, the creativity in the room seemed to explode! Everyone brought different marketing perspectives to the table, and the brainstorming was so intense that it was much stronger than the usual storm.

Together, we were able to provide Ms. Reddington with new ideas for a new marketing plan that hopefully will attribute to future success.

As students we are continuously learning every day, but we never shy away from the opportunity to help the local businesses in our community.

#AnneKoplik #AmericanMade #WesternMarketingAssociation #WestConn #ThinkTank

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