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  • Hannah Lafontaine

Fish in a Fishbowl

If you asked us what we did at Agency meetings, (Agency@Ancel) we would most likely smile and laugh and tell you that we discussed memes the entire time- which wouldn’t be entirely false!

We laughed and we put our ideas together, planning for a great year. Marketing students from all walks of life and all skill levels met in the Think Tank (what we like to call the Fish Bowl) on Tuesday afternoon to plan for this semester’s Marketing success.

Splitting into two groups, aimed at reorganizing the WMA website and the other focused on graphics and logo design, the fishbowl soon came to life. Getting down to business, the website group engaged in quality control work on the website to begin the overhaul. They also updated our official Instagram page with a new handle of “Western_Marketing_Association”, and planned on adding blog posts and social media updates to heighten our online presence!

The creative minds then collided, designing a logo and tagline for the Agency as well as perfecting the template for this year’s flyers.

This is just the beginning of who we are. We put our minds together and put our ideas on paper. We aim high and we aim for success. We may just be fish in a fishbowl, but the next generation of marketers is here, and we are here to stay.

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