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We Have Our EDGE, What's Yours?

When it comes to graduation and obtaining a job in the "real world", business can get a little tricky, especially in the business world. Students always strive to attain a job position in in a field of their interest, and that hits all the spots on the checklist.

- Location of choice

- Well-paying

- Positive work environment

- FUN to work there, and many more...

So how does a student even begin to check off these items off of a neverending list? Well, as Western Marketing students, we went to Marketing EDGE! Marketing EDGE is a student career forum hosted by the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, bringing students and employers together to network, learn, and gain a competitive edge. On Friday November 4, 2017, the WMA sent seven students to hear from companies like EY and Sprinklr, with a keynote given by Khurrum Malik, the Global Director of Monetization and Product Marketing at Spotify. He spoke about his indecisiveness of career choices, his career journey, and how he attributes his success to the support from his family. Mr. Malik encouraged the crowd to discover their passions and live their careers to the fullest by constantly striving for success.

Overall, our marketing students networked with other business students from around the country, shook hands with employers from huge industries, and enjoyed everything the beautiful New York City area had to offer. As marketing students, we even picked out some of our favorite advertisements that the city had to offer! Attending networking events such as this one is how we get our edge. We hope to see YOU next year!

Want to learn more about career forums like this one, or apply for a Marketing EDGE scholarship? Simply follow the link below.


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